Technological developments that have so increased over the past few years have made some developed countries start competing to innovate the technology industry. The presence of technology now covers almost all aspects of human life. That is why the technology industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world.

Now industrial technology, especially the internet and mobile technology has revolutionized the world in a very short time. Even they will look forward and be able to make awe. Here we will see some of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, ranging from computer science, engineering innovation and more.

United States of America

The United States can be proud of its 6.7 million workers in the technology industry they have. A 2015 report explains that 6% of the country's GDP comes from the digital economy, this number does not include the amount obtained from other technology sectors.
Apple certainly has a significant influence on the country's economic success. This year alone Apple reached the highest level on the market at around 800 billion dollars.


If there is one city in the world that looks like the future, chances are it is Tokyo, Japan. With its infrastructures such as a railroad system that uses high technology and all sectors, it appears that the city is very much influenced by knowledge of internet culture, Japan has that identity as a developed country. With Sony, Mitsubishi, Nintendo, and Toyota all coming from Japanese homes, this country also aims to help others in advancing technology in the world.

South Korea

Famous for its dedication to E-Sports (especially Starcraft II), South Korea easily secured a place on this list, companies such as Hyundai and Samsung have a large container to attract employees and innovators. A country that is very good in all fields of technology has not exceeded South Korea so this country is placed on this list because of the magnificent production of air conditioners, robots, televisions, computers, trains, planes, helicopters but in all these robots are considered the most advanced is known as the highest technology country in the world. Like talking about the internet in this country, the speed of the internet in this country is the biggest compared to the whole world.


The Russian Private Industry is so much because this country produces excellent quality in the field of weapons that are well-known throughout the world, even though this is also the world's superpower and at the same time it's the number one country in this case which is possible due to the latest and better technology. So this country has a large research institute called Moscow State University which is also known as a strong and innovative institution, in the 19th and 20th centuries this country produced a large number of scientists in the IT, Communication, nuclear industry, aerospace, space technology and other fields that helped this country in a drastic decline in 1990 but this country is still able to be on this list.


So one of the best technologies and richest countries in Europe has other advantages from Germany, this country has made success after the Second World War because it produced the type of military tanks used in the war because this country is making rapid expansion in all fields of technology. So far Germany also has the architectural technology and infrastructure scheme used in this country as the Stadium of Berlin is one of the great examples considered the most epic in the history of the entire world, traces of the technology found in this country were in 1900 the results that were shown to us in this era too.


This country is well-known for its technology and is known as the home of technology and scientists because one of the world's major innovations was the light bulb invented by Canadian scientist Henry Woodward, so after this, the Canadian government also worked hard in this field, Canada too producing extraordinary innovations in the fields of advanced health, communication technology, improving space technology, IT Industry and most importantly in various fields of physics developing quantum computing, theoretical physics and working in many other industries, optical cable also in the country's innovation, public works, health, defense, domestic technology or technology used by consumers is growing rapidly


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