Why the Use of Technology in Education is Highly Important

In this modern era, students are demanded to be skillful in operating computer and internet. Sadly, some of those who begin to master these skills are trapped in misusing them merely for playing with some social media such as facebook and twitter.
The development of technology especially in the computer and internet has been optimized by developed countries nowadays. In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan, technology has been used for teaching and learning activities at schools. Computers supported by internet access are much utilized. With the accompaniment of this technology, students can learn not only in the classroom but also in everywhere they possibly are. Almost all learning materials now are accessible through CDs or the internet.
As cited in dailysocial.id, there have now been many companies creating specific platforms for education, beginning from courses provider, student-mentor connector, as well as social media for education.

What are the goals of using technology in education?
Technology in education is a complex and cohesive process involving the tools, ideas, procedure, people, and organization to analyze problems, find solutions, make evaluations, and manage problems related to all aspects of learning. In conclusion, the goals of education technology, in general, are to solve learning problems and to improve the learning process.

1.      Solving learning problems
Learning has been a new problem for both teachers and students many students cannot concentrate on learning so that they cannot absorb what their teachers teach. In addition, the untidy condition and lack of cleanness of the classroom make it even worse. On the other side, the problem is on the teachers, who have difficulties to deliver materials. As a result, the learning materials cannot be absorbed well by the students. Based on all the cases mentioned earlier, education technology is expected to solve the problems.

2.      Improving the Learning Process
In the past, teachers taught students using chalk, and students could understand them. But compared to the now teachers who equipped themselves with LCD Projector to explain materials, which one do you think is more effective? Of course, LCD Projector is. A lot of messages delivered in visual form make ease the students in understanding concepts.
For example, when a teacher shows a video about the water cycle to explain how rain occurs, students are easier to understand and even they can enjoy the learning process. This can be a strong and rational reason why education technology is potential to improve learning process and important as well as for many other aspects.

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