Best Tricks on How to Fix a Slow Computer That 100% Works!

Best Tricks on How to Fix a Slow Computer That 100% Works!

Do you know how to fix a slow computer that 100% works? Nowadays, computers have become one of the most crucial items in people's lives. Not only for personal users, but computers are also useful for various types of jobs ranging from bank workers to programmers. Thus, understanding the common problems of computers and how to fix them is important.

The Causes of Slow Computers and How to Deal With Them
Computers that begin to get slow down in performance have become one of the most common problems experienced by most users. It often becomes an obstacle in completing the accumulated work a user has. However, what does actually cause our computer to get slow down and how to fix it?

Common Reasons Why Your Computers Are Slow

Before discussing how to fix a slow computer, it is great to know in advance some common reasons that cause your computer to become slow. Age factors can be one of the reasons to consider in this point. Then, here are some common reasons behind a computer that turns slow.

1.      A defragmented hard drive
One of the main factors of slow computer problems is a hard drive that is defragmented. This condition causes the process of reading data on the hard disk to be slow. If the hard drive is never defragmented, the data stored on the hard drive will scatter when accessed so that the access becomes slow.

2.      Browser that is too heavy
When looking for some tips on how to fix a slow computer, you might be asked to check the browser because it could be the one that causes your computer to get slows. You may often open multiple tabs at once in the browser. This action can create a burden on RAM which result in slow computer.

How to Deal with a Slow Computer

Then, how to overcome this problem? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to deal with computers whose performance is getting slower. You can usually do this yourself without having to call a technician to handle it. Here are a few things that you can do on how to fix a slow computer.

1.      Clean temporary files
In addition to periodically defragmentation to improve hard disk performance; you also need to clean up unused files from your hard drive regularly. To clean the file, you can use a tool called "Disk Cleanup". This tool is available on your Windows, so you do not need to install it firstly.

2.      Manage the Startup application
The next way on how to fix a slow computer is to manage startup applications. Believe it or not, too many startup applications running in your computer can cause the computer to run slowly. To fix this problem, you can turn off some startup programs that run on the computer by default.

3.      Install antivirus
Finally, you also need to consider installing an antivirus on your computer. One of the reasons why computers become slow is the presence of malware or virus infections in the computers. Therefore, it is mandatory to install an antivirus on your computer. Now, you can practice these tips on how to fix a slow computer!

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