Does Your Smartphone Seem to Slow Down? Here's How to Improve Smartphone Performance


Are you looking for some tips on how to improve smartphone performance? This means that you are in the right place. It is not impossible if the speed of your smartphone changes after a long time of use. However, you do not need to panic because it does not always indicate your smartphone is damaged.

5 Effective Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Smartphones

The good news is that you have several alternatives to improve the performance of your smartphone to be as fit as new. Custom ROM is one of the many methods, especially if the default system seems very heavy. However, this process will generally eliminate your warranty. Alternatively, here are some ways on how to improve smartphone performance without custom ROM.

#1 Install the Lite Version of Apps
Hardware upgrades on smartphones are considered effective for improving the performance of smartphones that are getting sluggish. However, it is nearly impossible for everyone to upgrade smartphone hardware. When the smartphone's performance decreases, it will be wiser if you choose a more friendly application. Fortunately, there are currently many applications available in the lite or light version.

#2 Stop the Application Process in the Background
The next way on how to improve smartphone performance is to stop the application process in the background. Although currently most smartphone devices are equipped with good multitasking capabilities, that does not mean your smartphone has no limitations. You need to pay attention to which applications should run in the background and stop the others.

1.      Install the Task Killer application
Installing task killer applications can be the best solution in this case. This kind of application has the ability to turn off all applications that are running in the background. How to improve smartphone performance this way can be supported by several applications such as Task Manager, Go Cleaner & Task Manager, and Super Task Killer.

#3 Transfer Data to External Memory
Even though many smartphone devices are currently equipped with a large internal memory capacity, it is a good idea to still consider using external memory. This is because internal memory generally cannot work optimally if carrying too much burden. Therefore, it is recommended to move large data such as videos and photos to external memory.

#4 Uninstall the application and reduce the widget on the Home Screen
The next method on how to improve smartphone performance is to uninstall applications that are not used or not important. For example, if you are more comfortable using Chrome, it is better to uninstall Opera Mini, or vice versa. Additionally, it is also a good idea to disable the default application that you never used.

#5 Use a Simple Launcher
Finally, you should use a simple launcher. Factory-built launchers are generally designed to provide the best performance for the device. If by chance you don't like the monotonous default launcher design, you can try looking for a third party launcher that doesn't burden the device. Those are a number of ways on how to improve smartphone performance effectively.

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