How to Maintain Laptop Battery for Longer Battery Life


How to maintain laptop battery is something that should be known by anyone who owns a laptop and often works using this device. It is no secret that battery is a very important component for a laptop. It is actually the one that makes good advantage of laptops compared to conventional computers.

Smart Ways to Take a Good Care of Your Laptop Battery
Laptops with large battery capacity will certainly support your daily activities. That is why you have to maintain the durability of your laptop battery for the best. Over time, the laptop battery may be reduced in performance. However, with good treatment, you can slow down the turn down of your laptop battery.

Here’s the 5 Smart Ways to Take a Good Care of Your Laptop Battery
Then, how to maintain laptop battery so that it can last a long time? Apparently, there are some things that you can do to minimize the problem. For a new laptop, before you use it, it is great to charge your laptop for 4 to 8 hours initially. After that, here's what you can do.

#1 Unplug the charge after 100% full
One of the reasons why laptop batteries are leaking fast is your habit of forgetting to unplug chargers when the battery is fully charged. Allowing electric to flow after the battery is fully charged can cause damage to the components of your battery. Thus, don’t forget to unplug one it is fully charged.

#2 Avoid completely dead laptops
Another tips on how to maintain laptop battery is to avoid your laptop to be completely dead. Because you are too engaged in playing games or watching movies, you often forget to connect your laptop to electricity so that the laptop suddenly dies. If it is too frequent, your battery may be damaged quickly.

#3 Use the original charger
To ensure your laptop battery is durable and not easily damaged, you also need to use an original charger. It is very important because the use of unoriginal charger can be dangerous on the battery and the laptop itself. In this case, the use of unoriginal chargers can cause unstable electricity flow.

#4 Pay attention to the temperature of the laptop
The next on how to maintain laptop battery properly is to pay attention to the temperature of the laptop when it is being charged. In this case, you should avoid charging the battery in extreme temperature conditions whether it is too cold or too hot as a way to treat your laptop battery.

#5 Take advantage of the power saver mode
In general, laptops with Windows will be set by default to use Balance Mode. On how to maintain laptop battery, you are recommended use Power Saver mode as an alternative. You can set this mode in the Control Panel menu then select the battery icon and click on “Power Saver” mode.

Finally, those are several ways you can do to take good care of your laptop battery. In addition to the several methods mentioned above, you can also consider other ways such as turning off the Wi-Fi feature when it is not used. Now, you have known how to maintain laptop battery.

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