How to repair a computer : Damage To A Computer Motherboard And How To Fix It

Damage To A Computer Motherboard And How To Fix It

How to repair a computer :  Damage To A Computer Motherboard And How To Fix It-The motherboard is the main board in the form of PCB and has various kinds of components that are interconnected between each device such as BIOS chip, RAM socket, VGA card socket, processor and others.

A motherboard is the main component of a computer, so it can be said that the motherboard is a computer communication center, where all external components and peripherals are connected so that the computer can run smoothly.

If a motherboard is damaged, of course, it will hinder the working connection between the components inside the motherboard, even the computer will not run optimally. So the problems that exist on this motherboard need to be addressed immediately.
Of the many problems that exist on the motherboard, you can try the tips below to overcome various problems or symptoms that arise.

Motherboard Damage: Computer Cannot Turn on / No Response

     The power supply is broken
     RAM memory is damaged or improperly installed
     The processor is broken
     Mainboard is damaged

How to overcome :
     If the mainboard indicator light is off, try checking the power cable connection, the condition of the cable, Voltage Stabilizer or UPS by connecting to the monitor cable
     Check the power supply, possible damage to the switch button on / off, if there is no problem, try removing the power cable, plug it in again, check the power supply performance through the fan inside the power supply, if it turns on it means the power supply is still working, then it is possible mainboard.
     Check the installation of components on the motherboard, especially RAM and processor memory components, if necessary try replacing these components to determine whether the motherboard or the 2 components are damaged.

Motherboard Damage: When the Power Button is Pressed, the Indicator Light Turns On, Fan Turns On, but There Is No Display on the Monitor

    The main memory is damaged
    The monitor VGA cable is not installed correctly
    The monitor is broken
    VGA is broken
    Broken hard drive

How to overcome :
    Check if there is a "beep" sound when turning on the computer? If it's not there, then the problem is with the motherboard, processor or Bios ROM. If there is a long or repetitive "beep" sound, then the problem is on the VGA card or RAM
    Check the "beep" sound, if the "beep" sound is not long repeatedly then damage to the VGA card/display adapter. If the "beep" sound is long, damage to RAM
    Check the hard drive, damage to the hard drive regulator component hard drive, what happens is the CPU indicator lights on, but there is no display on the monitor. Try testing by removing the data cable and power cable on the hard drive.
    Check the monitor, it might also happen to the monitor problem which we will discuss in another article

Motherboard Damage: Computers Often Hang

The cause:
     Overclocking that you do
     A hard drive is infected with a virus or has been damaged
     RAM memory type is not suitable or comes from a different manufacturer

How to overcome :
     Change the processor settings in the BIOS to default/reset again
     Scan your hard drive or prepare a new hard drive
     Make sure your RAM memory is installed correctly with the appropriate type

Motherboard Damage: Very Slow Computer

The cause:
     Not enough RAM memory.
     Hard drive is infected with a virus.
     Overheat processor.
     Most programs are installed

How to overcome :
     Add/replace sufficient memory.
     Scan the hard drive with anti-virus.
     Check the CPU cooler or add a fan to the CPU.
     Uninstall programs that are not needed or add RAM memory.

Motherboard Damage: CMOS Failure

The cause:
     Out of BIOS battery
     BIOS settings change because the computer has suddenly died, such as a power failure

How to overcome :
     Replace the BIOS battery
     Restore BIOS settings to default

Motherboard Damage: Onboard hardware does not work

The cause:
     Broken onboard hardware
     Incorrect BIOS settings
     The driver is not installed

How to overcome :
     Install a new card, such as a sound card or LAN card
     Check BIOS settings
     Check the driver installation

Various problems on the motherboard, there must be a cause and a solution. So, if you have problems on the motherboard, please check the components first. Don't forget, always do routine maintenance on your computer's CPU, especially on the main components, namely the mainboard

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