Is Your Smartphone Damaged by Water? Here’s How to Save a Wet Phone in the Right Way


Do you know how to save a wet phone in the right way? Electronic goods including smartphones are prone to damage if exposed to water. However, if you have just experienced your smartphone gets wet, you don't need to worry because there are several ways you can do to minimize the damage to your smartphone after being exposed to water.

Most Effective Ways to Do If Your Smartphone Gets Wet

You may have heard of various powerful ways to rescue drowned smartphone or something. One of the most popular is to use rice so that the smartphone is not damaged after being affected by water. However, is this method really effective? Instead of being confused about trying ways that are uncertain, here are some steps you can do.

Steps You Should Do

There are a number of steps on how to save a wet phone so that there is no worse problem. The first thing you need to do when your smartphone goes into water is to get it out immediately and make sure to turn off the smartphone as soon as possible. After that, you can do these following steps.

1.      Remove your phone components
After your smartphone is exposed to water, it is good to immediately remove some components on the device that has been exposed immediately. This is performed to avoid more severe damage. In tips on how to save a wet phone, you are recommended to remove components such as SIM cards, SD cards and batteries.

2.      Use a tissue and vacuum cleaner
After you remove all the components mentioned above, you can clean up the remnants of water on the smartphone using a tissue. You must be carefu to avoid damage to the other components. Furthermore, you can also try to use a vacuum cleaner to dry up the remnants of water that is on your device.

Steps You Shouldn't Do

In addition, there are a number of other things that you should take into account when learning how to save a wet phone in the right way. In this case, you should avoid a few things if you don't want such serious problems to occur to your smartphone. Here are some steps that you need to avoid in this case.

1.      Let the smartphone turn on
To help your smartphone when it gets exposed to water, never let the device to turn on after contact with water. Water that is in contact with electricity on your device can certainly damage the components inside. In how to save a wet phone, you are strongly advised not to connect your smartphone to a power source first.

2.      Other things you shouldn’t do
Next, you are also not advised to press any button when your device is exposed to water. This is to reduce the possibility of water spreading through the cracks. Then, do not shake the smartphone too. The last on how to save a wet phone is not to heat the smartphone in hot temperatures because it can be dangerous.

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