Smart Tips after Buying a New Phone That You Should Do Immediately

Tips after Buying a New Phone

 If you have just bought a new smartphone, finding out some tips after buying a new phone can be a great guideline to maximize the use of your smartphone in the future. Before you start downloading and installing various applications, there are some things that you need to do immediately once you got your new phone.

Smart Tips to Do Immediately after Buying a New Smartphone
Before showing off your new smartphone on social media, it is a good idea to prepare your smartphone first to make it safer and more durable in the future. There are several steps that are generally recommended for those who just bought a new smartphone. Without further ado, here are some tips after buying a new phone.

Tips for Making a New Smartphone Safer

First, you must ensure that the smartphone is safe. Physically, you certainly need to check the condition of the smartphone first. Be sure to keep a warranty card from the manufacturer or distributor so that there are guarantees if things go wrong. In addition, you can also do the following tips to ensure the security of your smartphone.

1.      Creating a Backup Account
You will not want the data you save get lost. To ensure the security of the data that you store, it is recommended to make a backup account. This backup account is helpful to load data on a smartphone including contacts, messages, call logs, notes and so on. You should not miss this tips after buying a new phone.

2.      Set the Smartphone Security Lock
For smartphone security and privacy, you also need to set a key for your new smartphone. By setting the smartphone lock, you can use the smartphone safely when you start to store files and personal documents in it. You can set the lock in the privacy settings and choose between using a PIN, password, pattern lock, or even fingerprint.

Tips for a New Smartphone to Last Longer

The next tips after buying a new phone is to know how to make the smartphone durable. Every smartphone user would want their smartphone to be durable and well-maintained. For this reason, there are a number of things that you must do if you want your smartphone to stay durable and maintained. Here are a few things you can do.

1.      Use a Black Wallpaper and Reduce Brightness
When buying a new smartphone, generally people will find out how to keep their smartphone batteries durable. In the tips after buying a new phone, one way you can do to maintain battery capacity is by reducing brightness. In addition, you can also choose wallpaper with a dominant black color, especially if your smartphone uses AMOLED technology.

2.      Give the Smartphone a Screen Protector

While it is new, there is nothing wrong to consider providing screen protectors and cases. With this, you can minimize your new phone to be easily damaged. At least if one day the smartphone falls, the body of your smartphone is not directly affected. Those are some tips after buying a new phone that you must do.

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