5 Advantages of Fortnite compared to PUBG

Advantages-of Fortnite-compared-to-PUBG
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Comparing 2 games or more is always interesting to discuss. The 2 games are Fortnite and PUBG. Games that have the battle royale mode are now competing at the top as one of the best games, ranging from popularity, profits, and so on.

But it seems that the PUBG fans must be discouraged because there are 5 Fortnite absolute victories Of PUBG. What are these things? Here's the full review;

1. Popularity and Revenue.
Source: wallpapercave.com
The first point that Fortnite managed to win in this competition was popularity and income. It is undeniable that PUBG has succeeded in leading popularity in the gaming world in recent months. But it seems that the trend succeeded in ending Fortnite. It was recorded in February that Fortnite won 3.4 million players surpassing the number of PUBG players in the 3.2 million figure.

In addition to players, the popularity of one of the platforms watching videos, Twitch, Fortnite won handsomely. Fortnite won 145,121 users and PUBG only 33,056. On the mobile platform that has just entered these 2 games, Fortnite has managed to defeat PUBG in 47 countries in the world. Fortnite is played by more than 1.5 million people on the mobile platform. Even though Fortnite will not be released on Android yet, we can be sure if Fortnite is released, PUBG will also be knocked out.
Then the matter of income. Fortnite also managed to outperform PUBG revenues. Fortnite managed to raise 125 million dollars, while the PUBG was only 103 million dollars.

2. Treatment of Cheater.
Source: wallpapercave.com
Maybe this is one of the biggest reasons why PUBG has been abandoned by many players. PUBG has lots of cheaters. Just 3 months ago more than 1.5 million cheaters were captured, all of them from China. The problem is also, PUBG does not take firm action against the cheaters. Maybe because 99% of cheaters are from China and 46% of the players come from China next time huh? So afraid of losing a lot of players. Many players have told developers to do Region Lock in China. But the developer did not heed this.
While for Fortnite, cheaters are enemies that must be suppressed. No matter how old he is, what is the reason, whomever the cheaters are must be scorched on earth. For example, 6 months ago Fortnite convicted one of his cheaters who turned out to be only 14 years old. Even in the Fortnite system, once you are caught cheating, you will be banned forever, can't play again, even by reinstalling.

3. Platform.
Source: polygon.com

In the next point in the list of 5 Fortnite Absolute Victories of PUBG, maybe Fortnite is not badly beating the PUBG. But if you as a player are told to choose, which platform do you want to play? Android? Or PS4? Maybe some of you will choose PS4.
Fortnite can be played on almost all platforms from PS4, Windows, Mac, Xbox One, iOS, and Android (for this one immediately. If Fortnite has been released on Android, then goodbye PUBG). While PUBG can be played on Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Windows. Based on the developer information, PUBG cannot be played on Mac and PS4.

Besides that, one of the features that can make the PUBG cluck is the cross-platform feature, which allows you to play with your friends even though you are on different platforms. Fortnite can be played cross-platform almost without any obstacles. While PUBG, there are a number of limited things that can not be done by a PC user that is joining a mobile match. So, maybe Fortnite won narrowly at this point.

4. Update Cycle.

The next point in 5 Fortnite Absolute Victories of Fortnite PUBG and PUBG has quite different update cycles. Fortnite is arguably more often updating the game, from gameplay, items, matchmaking, to maps. While it is different from PUBG which hardly updates. PUBG update cycle is not as often as Fortnite. One news item explained that the PUBG update was postponed because of the many cheaters in this game. So, at this point, Fortnite wins.

5. Fortnite Free-to-play, PUBG must buy.

You will definitely immediately say "Fortnite is free, but just buy the skin, just booing, even more, money comes out!" But try to compare it with PUBG, for you to play, you have to pay first. One of the advantages of in-game purchasing is that you can decide wisely whether to buy an item or not. The most important thing is that you can enjoy Fortnite without having to buy it first.

It was 5 of Fortnite absolute victories over PUBG. In fact, Fortnite is indeed superior now than PUBG. At least until now, Fortnite is still ahead of PUBG. Which one do you choose? Which one? Or playing both? Or disagree with the 5 victories of Fortnite everything is up to you ...

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