Oppo Exhibits a Foldable Smartphone Prototype

Technological developments, especially in the smartphone line are not playing games. After the year 2018 ago the trending of smartphones with screen technology that had a notch or what we usually know as "bangs" in the year 2019, the trend began to change where famous smartphone brands began to adapt folding screen technology.

Samsung introduced its folding screen smartphone line with the Samsung Galaxy Fold whiles the manufacturer of the bamboo curtain country, Huawei with Huawei Mate X. On the other hand, other Chinese manufacturers, namely Oppo also did not want to lose to participate in presenting a folding screen smartphone.

The Vice President of Oppo, Brian Shen excitedly showed the Oppo folding screen smartphone in his official Weibo account. In his Weibo account, Brian posted a photo of the Oppo folding screen smartphone prototype. Carrying screen technology with OLED panels, this smartphone only consists of one screen panel.

When stretched out like any other cellphone, but when folded this phone looks unique because there is a part on the side of the cellphone that is a special place for the camera, Oppo's writing, and several other important components. the main dual camera and LED Flash on this phone. Under the main camera is the Oppo logo.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the name, specifications, availability, and price of the Oppo folding screen smartphone. Brian said that this smartphone will not be released in the near future.

Interestingly enough, it seems to be following the development of cellphone technology which is currently a market that is in great demand by all circles. If you look deeper, this folding screen technology is like combining tablets and smartphones. Where when the screen is folded you can enjoy the device like a smartphone with a smaller screen, while when stretched you can enjoy the device as a tablet

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