Test the Beats Wireless Powerbeats Pro


Beats took his time to untie himself. The latest addition to the Powerbeats line came at the end of 2016, almost at the same time as the original AirPods. The product shared Apple's W1 chip, further consolidating its place as part of the company, with the instant synchronization of iOS. But the products were once again linked with a cable.

A few weeks after the launch of the second-generation AirPods, Beats finally introduced the Powerbeats Pro, the company's first fully wireless handset. Comparisons with the latest Apple are inevitable. After all, Apple and Beats are now a big happy family, who share technologies and work together in some capacity.

In many ways, however, Beats is still its own brand. Where AirPods are a living testament to Apple's minimalist "just work" approach to hardware, the Pros owe much of their design to the fact that Beats has targeted athletes with their line of hearing aids. I would not be too surprised to see promotional campaigns with LeBron James and Serena Williams in the near future.

That demonstration of destiny means that the new headphones have retained the earhooks found in previous versions of the headphones. That's a good or bad thing, depending on what you're looking for between a couple of buds. If you want something more minimal, Apple has a pair that will sell you happily.


However, despite all the plastic added, the professionals are quite comfortable, even with a pair of glasses on. This is due, in part, to the inclusion of interchangeable silicone tips. These are combined with an ergonomic design that fits very well to my ear. I've never had problems adapting AirPods, but its rigid plastic design means that it just does not fit in certain ears. That is going to be a much smaller problem here.

The main drawback of the form factor, however, is the uncomfortable size and shape. They're fine when you're using them, but professionals require a large storage case for storage. Really, very big. Like, you probably will not want to carry this in your pants pocket. The placement of the buds inside the box is also a little uncomfortable and requires some time to get used to. It's not like the AirPods, which slide into place.

However, the good news is that the battery life set is ridiculously long here, at nine o'clock in the cocoons and at 24 o'clock when combined with the charging case. That means you probably do not have to take the case with you when you run in the morning.

The Powerbeats Pro also sounds pretty good for a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The company has spent the last few years working to shake off the (well-deserved) notion that it overcompensates for sound deficiencies with distorted and distorted bass. That is really a relic of his early days. Beats has made great strides to offer better sound, even in a smaller form factor.

I tried a variety of genres on the professionals, and I was quite impressed by what I heard. The isolation of the instrument is pleasant and sounds clear even with the hip-hop and dance tracks that weigh the bass.

The price can end up being a deal breaker. At $ 250, they are $ 50 more expensive than the most recent AirPods and $ 100 more than the Galaxy Buds. That could end up being a hard pill to swallow.
The Powerbeats Pro will be released next month.

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