Top Ten Best Free Android Games In 2019


Hi, Guys The list of the 10 best free Android games beginning in 2019 has come again. Let's try the latest exciting android games!
Have you been waiting for the list of Android games in 2019? Don't worry, we will definitely always accompany and fill your days with a variety of new mobile game titles! Let's see together what fun games this weekend.

1. Speed Drifters

The latest Racing Game, as well as the first racing title released by Garena. In addition to presenting action games full of action and power-ups such as Crash Team Racing, Speed Drifters also provides a variety of other unique features such as pop music, where to chat, even the Marriage system on Android

2. Prison Survivor

But if you are tired of playing competitive online games, you can try playing this one game title. Prison Survivor will take you on an adventure in the wide-open world full of dangerous enemies and deadly weapons like AK-47, Desert Eagle, AUG, shotgun, sniper, and others.

3. Cyber Hunter

No need to get bored quickly with the usual Battle Royale, because Cyber Hunter presents a number of interesting features that will enrich your playing experience; call it a weapon with a variety of exciting effects, power-ups, and parkour to help battle, extensive customization, and of course not to miss beautiful graphics.

4. Mobile Royale

The title might be a little tricky, but make no mistake Mobile Royale is a mobile strategy game. Tilled by IGG.COM, developer of Lords Mobile, this one game still presents a similar strategy game that is definitely suitable for alternatives when you want to look for games with similar mechanisms.

5. Oddmar

Having been released on iOS for some time now, this adventure game finally arrived on Android. Telling the journey of a Viking so that souls are accepted in Valhalla heaven, Oddmar presents cool cartoon visuals along with an exciting Platformer system.

6. King Crusher - a Roguelike Game
King-Crusher - a-Roguelike-Game

If you are looking for an android game with another strategy genre, you don't need to worry, there are still choices! This time there is the King Crusher, a cute RPG graphic pixel art strategy. Form teams of 40 different heroes in 3x3 checkered battles full of challenges - if your hero is killed, then you have to find a new one.

7. One Line - A Line Drawing Game
One Line - A Line Drawing Game
A simple Puzzle game that will invite you to draw with lines, but the lines you draw cannot touch the other lines. Simple but still playing the brain.

8. Hit the Light

You could say it is a new variation in the Breakout genre aka destroying boxes. Instead of just reflecting the ball, you will be provided with a number of ammunition and must be able to destroy the neon lights on the screen.

9. Snow Roll

No week without Endless Runner. This time you are tasked with controlling a penguin caught in a snowball. Simply massage the screen to turn the ball to avoid obstacles or take coins.

10. Tank You!

This week's list is closed with a very simple Shooter game. You just have to control the tank below to destroy other tanks that appear from the top of the screen.

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